Historically, Real Estate Investments in Spain are, have been and will be an interesting option of investment. Property prices tanked after the crisis of 2008, now Spain retakes the leadership compared to other real estate investment areas in Europe.
If we compare the purchase price for a permanent or second residence with other areas such as the coasts of France, Italy, Belgium, Croatia and even Portugal, we will find that Spain… and particularly, La Costa Blanca is more advantageous. The natural beauty of beaches. mountains and bays as well as the climate (recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the best in the world…) the gastronomy, local culture, traditions and the Mediterranean way of life that we enjoy year around… investing in Spain is a more attractive option.
Are your looking for rental income as well?
The constant demand for both vacation and long term rentals in La Costa Blanca have increased 10% as an average, which allows investors to obtain a higher rental return from their real estate investments in Spain compared to what any other financial institutions can offer.
Our real estate market is again as dynamic as it was in 2003, with an increase in the volume of sales of 11.3% in 2018 compared to 2017, as well as 8.22% increase in property value per year.
According to real estate experts in real estate economy, it is expected that property prices will increase 15% – 20% in the coming years.
Taking all this in consideration, we can safely expect an important real estate market recovery in Spain in the present and in coming years. Now is an optimum time to invest in this sector, for both short time rental income and/or the increase in property value. Investments in the hospitality, gastronomy and vacation sector are also a great opportunities of income.
Looking for a safe and viable investment?
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