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The Costa Blanca, a safe investment in a multifaceted region

Real estate investments in Spain have been, are and will be interesting investment opportunities. After the 2008 crisis and the stagnation of prices, the real estate market in Spain regains leadership among other interesting investment centers in Europe.

If we compare the purchase prices for a permanent residence or a second residence with other coasts such as France, Italy, the Belgian coast, Croatia and even Portugal, we find that Spain and specifically the Costa Blanca is much more advantageous. If we add to that the beauty, the climate, recognized by the WHO as one of the best in the world, the beauty of its beaches, coves and mountains, the gastronomy, its cultural heritage, the traditions and the Mediterranean lifestyle of which we enjoy, the attraction is much greater.

The market resumes the dynamism it had in 2003, with an increase in sales volume of 11.3% in 2018 compared to 2017 and an interannual increase of 8.22% in housing prices.

According to experts in real estate economics, forecasts for price increases in coming years are estimated to be in double digits and could average between 15% and 20%

With all of this, we could say that an important recovery of the real estate market in Spain is confirmed and that this will be its trend in the following years. It is therefore an optimal time for investment in this sector, either with short-term returns from investments for rentals, through capital gains taking into account price increase forecasts or by investing in businesses in the sector. hotel / vacation / gastronomy, where real profitable investment opportunities are emerging.