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BREEAM Certification

BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is the international assessment method, developed by the BRE Global organization in the United Kingdom, which allows us to measure the degree of environmental sustainability in buildings.



  • Obtaining significant savings, by identifying passive and active energy and water saving measures, thus improving the operational performance of your business.
  • Obtaining a competitive advantage by obtaining sustainable construction certification, your company will be recognized as a pioneer on the international scene. Buildings with sustainable certification achieve rental income 3% higher than buildings that do not have it.
  • Investment protection. The certification of sustainable buildings acts as an international indicator of quality, which increases the general desirability of your property and can increase its value by up to 7%.
  • Drastic improvement in the quality of life of the occupants. In buildings with sustainable seals, the quality of the interior environment improves, productivity increases and absenteeism levels decrease.
  • Alignment with international sustainability goals. By certifying your building with a sustainable seal, you will ensure that it complies with several of the 17 SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) for 2030, with the objectives of the European Green Deal for 2030 and with the Climate Neutrality Strategy of the European Union by 2050. All this will make your building eligible for green financing.


Design of housing projects under BREEAM standards

Sustainable construction

Manage projects in a respectful, responsible and consistent manner with the environment, Materials with low level of VOC emissions, Materials with low environmental impact, Management of construction waste, Creation of a habitat with ecological value and species with low or no water consumption.

Simulation and energy advice

It is possible to know the energy consumption of a building before its construction or renovation. To do this, it is necessary to create a virtual model that simulates its energy behavior. We can also identify how different strategies to improve energy efficiency would influence (optimization of orientation, improvement of the thermal envelope, placement of solar protection elements, improvement of lighting, optimization of ventilation, etc…). This way, the economic effect of each proposal is determined and compliance with current regulations related to energy consumption is guaranteed, allowing a safer and more environmentally responsible investment to be made.


BREEAM certification of housing developments

Consulting and auditing services, assisting the design team in all phases of the construction process, planning and coordinating the process and compiling the necessary evidence for the delivery of the Assessment Report to obtain the BREEAM® Certificate.


On-site assistance

Explanation of the obligations and ways to comply with the requirements that the Contractor must meet within the framework of the BREEAM certification in general and the GST 2 ST3, RSD 1, MATs and USEs requirements in particular. In this line, models, templates and examples will be provided to facilitate the contractor’s work and any doubts raised by the Contractor will be resolved. A monthly inspection of the work and the preparation of monthly monitoring reports (GST 2, GST 3, Use 7, USE 2, if applicable). Maintenance of monthly records of consumption, waste and materials based on the data provided by the Contractor.


To develop all the work related to the BREEAM certification we have the collaboration of the architect Lucía Riesgo, Project Manager certified PMP and in BREEAM sustainability.

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